Medical Engineering
Medical Engineering

Simgrosys has considerable client base in North America and Europe for its excellent support services for medical industry. Integrated with medical consultants and engineers from mechanical, electronics and biotechnology fields, Simgrosys team strives for bringing better medical equipments to the cause of human society. Simgrosys one of the pioneer in formulating best-practices of health care and life sciences industry and offer solutions to suit specific healthcare requirements.

The blood bags designed by Simgrosys are already in the market to tell about the design capability of Simgrosys experts. Simgrosys can also have the ability to design and optimize the blood pumps as per the standards. Simgrosys enhance the medical fraternity with new product design services to following medical products:

  • Design of blood pumps
  • Design of blood bags
  • Design of catheters
  • Design of patient monitoring and control systems
  • Design of baby warmers
  • Design of lighting layout in medical systems
  • Design of ventilation units